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Large Tillandsia Juncea Air Plant


Beef up your plant collection with these ginormous air plants! Once you've welcomed one of the large Tillandsia Juncea or Juncifolia to your abode (depending on availability, their appearance is essentially the same), you won't have to do much to keep it thriving – they require little watering and are tolerant of drier conditions. Just make sure to avoid soaking the base as too much H2O can spell trouble, and opt to give it a nice spray or quick rinse instead. Plant size might appear smaller or larger than expected at certain times of the year, but the vendor will always send you the biggest plant they can get their hands on!

  • Measuring 12" plus
  • Watering Tip: they are tolerant of dry conditions and require less water than most air plants. Avoid the base when watering. Too much water can cause the plant to rot. Spray or run it water (do not soak) and dry it upside-down to ensure air circulation. Plant sizes varies depending on season and availability. Note that plants may appear smaller & larger than usual during certain times.