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Brown and Bright Blue Turkish Rug


Enjoy the uniqueness of this authentic handmade rug.

Made with 100% wool this area rug is flat-woven by skillful weavers. The hand-woven area rug is produced in a similar manner, as the hand-knotted rug but using a different kind of loom. Hand-woven carpet is known for its amazing beauty and lastingness but requires a lot of time and skill. Here the weaver uses the loom to weave the rug fibers into the warp. The flatweave rug is authentic handmade. Due to the precise construction techniques, a hand-woven rug will provide you with years of consolation and satisfaction.


  • Size: 1'6" x 3'1"
  • Hand-knotted rug
  • Made in Turkey
  • Color: Brown and Bright Blue
  • Material: 100% Wool